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Geomagnetic field - sun-energy
Mouth freed from metal - first priority of the time being

All of us are living in a period of change. Each of us is already feeling the turns, which have been starting since some period of time and the intensity of which is increasing from month to month. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, extreme weather patterns with heavy storms are the first hints towards great changes, which our planet probably can expect in the next years.

In the meantime, however, these changes have also entered into  all areas of human life and are leading to  intensive uncertainty in the economical, political and social section as well as heavy disturbances, e.g. the financial crisis, Greek etc. Profound uncertainty also is existing in the individual field of men. People feel all kind of changes inside themselves, either corporally or mentally, however without  being able to find some explanation for it. More and more often  this is followed by illnesses. Depressions are increasing, the number of suicides and attempts of suicides is rising - very often out of left field - and worries and fears are commanding the everyday life. To relax becomes more and more difficult.

What are the reasons for this? There are scientists who have started to analyze their conclusions by using an interdisciplinary approach and have come to the most fascinating results.

In its activity our sun is subject to some swaying ruled by the rhythm  of 11 years. Thus not only the number of sunspots are diminishing and increasing but also there are maximums of energy emissions (x-rays, gamma-rays, proton-rays), which directly are influencing the geomagnetic field. Being influenced by these radiations it is changing constantly. Even some blackout of the entire power supply system is possible, how it has been proved by the event in 1989 in Canada, when a solar-storm left in darkness the whole North-East of America for a longer  period of time which made it impossible to sustain any air traffic.

Neuroscience has proved that even the smallest changes of the magnetic field, that is impacting on a human (10 % of the natural field),  is directly  influencing the psyche and the condition of the human to a large extend, and that this -  if they are existing - is leading to  diverse illnesses and diseases. Therefore an artificial magnetic field is generated at the space station ISS, after it had been obvious, that the well known space-disease of the first astronauts had been effected by the lac of the geomagnetic field in extreme hight levels.

Moreover latest recordings of the geomagnetic field prove that the polarity of the field has already reversed totally in the district of the South Atlantic, That means, that in this area the magnetic North Pole is to be located in the South and vice versa, the magnetic South Pol is pointing to the North. In this region, which nearly is covering the total of the South Atlantic, technical equipments like magnetic compass, GPS and other  instruments of navigation are not operating or showing changing and confusing results, so that aviation and navy are already avoiding these areas, The airplane crash of an Air France machine not long ago, also is linked with these effects.

Scientist have tested if some temporal correlation is existing between the energetic state of the sun and  with the thereof effected changes of the geomagnetic field here on earth as well as the different individual occurrences, for instance the frequency of heart attacks, strokes, hospitalizations into mental hospitals, suicides etc. Also events on the economical and political sectors, e.g. the Lehmann bankruptcy or the failure of the climate summit have been  brought into relation to the process of sun activities.

Without doubt, in connection with all these occurrences,  it was possible to prove some temporal correlation between some sun event and the resulting change of the geomagnetic field. An extreme eruption of the sun therefore is followed by an obvious change of the geomagnetic field after the emissions have reached the earth,  which statistically significant then is provoking a change in the behavior and health condition of men. Fact is, that this is happening worldwide and in independence to culture, political systems or geographical location. This, in fact,  is a true global problem!

In the meantime these cognitions are taken very seriously by governments, as the consequences indeed are having a high threat potential for our civilization. As calculations of the NASA  prognosticate with great certainty some extreme sun activity for the years 2012 - 2014, which only takes place every 144 years,  the NASA and the ESA have already stationed several satellites between the sun and die earth (SOHO, GEOS) in order to be able to  prolongate the time of the advance warning. By this we now are having a time of advance warning of one hour, in order to be able to get down the aircrafts in danger and to also protect the distributing centers of the electricity producers (nuclear reactors) as well as the data  processing centers of the INTERNET (economy, military). The NASA and the native protection ministry of the USA are already distributing lists of the possible precautionary methods, which each single person should take in consideration, so that the ruinous consequences , which possibly might turn up in case of a blackout of electricity, Internet and  supply of life sustaining goods can be attenuated for several weeks. That means that drinking water, medicine and lasting food should be stored as well as candles and fuels in  sufficient quantities. The possibilities of  mutual  means of precaution should be discussed in families  and circles of friends.

But now back to the beginning: Is a mouth  free of  metal the commandment of the time being? Let us simply put into connection between the dental medicine and the changed situation in the geomagnetic field. Mouth and teeth also are subject to these fluctuations of the geomagnetic field, to a greater extend the more metal is existing in the mouth. Metals in the mouth are leading to some increase of these fluctuations of the magnetic field and therefore to some disturbance of each single tooth. As we know from the acupuncture, each tooth is connected with relevant physical districts of the organism, so that some increased disturbance of the tooth is always leading to an increased disturbance in the organic realms. That means that metal in the mouth can increase the individual impacts of the global changes that are to be expected. Therefore  - in this special time being - it is highly recommended to have removed all metal out of the mouth, in order to diminish the impact of global changes on your health.

It probably is not a coincidence that exactly now the prices of high quality metals have increased exorbitantly due to the economic hysteria, so that the upgrading with the best possible material ZIRKONKERAMIK is insignificantly more expensive. Today it is also possible to solve dental problems - also detachable prostheses - with this absolute inert (does not react to rays and chemicals) and most biocompatible material.

We - the CLINIC DENTAL CRISTAL S.L.U. -  are offering you an intensive and metal-free dental upgrading  of your denture. There is a laboratory located nearby that exclusively is specialized in the application of this material.

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