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First examine all, and then retain the Beauty, the Truth and the Good

Jesus von Nazareth ( Johannes 8,27)

Clinica Dental Cristal


all efficient,  expedient  and conservative treatments for a long-term stabilization of teeth and gums, its esthetics and functions in  consideration of holistic aspects 

- esthetical, metal-free, long-lasting inlays
- tight artificial dentition (coronas and bridges) in perfect individual esthetics and functions, free of metal - removable artificial dentition (prosthesis), invisible as far as possible, well functioning with good-looking esthetics
- treatments of the gum, - conservative and without pains - without surgery 
- functional treatments - headaches and neck pains - migraines - Tinnitus - hardening and tensions - gnashing, hypersensitive teeth -
- rout canal treatment - conservative -  without deleterious chemicals - without surgery
- for the long lasting  maintenance of the esthetics and functions of the teeth - - extractions -

in the context of these dental treatments we are specialized in:

- the treatment of patients with fears
- reconstruction and maintenance of  the health, the esthetics and functions of the whole chewing organ
- Behandlung und Behebung iatrogener Schäden ( = Schäden die durch zahnmedizinische Materialien und Behandlungen erst entstanden sind - mit ihren Auswirkungen auf den gesamten Organismus ( Amalgam , Quecksilber, Titan,Stahl, Metallmix Kunststoffe ,Wurzelbehandlungen , Extraktionen )
- treatment and healing of latrogenic defects (defects originating from dental materials and treatments, influencing the whole organism (Amalgam, Mercury,  Titan, steel, mixtures of metals, plastics, rout canal treatments, extractions)
- detoxication and homeopathic drainages of harmful substances (Amalgam, Mercury, Titan, Formaldehyde, Cobalt, Chrome, Methacrylat etc.)
- individual tests of compatibility of all materials applied
- consideration of the superior influence of the teeth on the organism
that means treatment under consideration of psycho-social aspects financing, family structures, so called "genetic" problems (Periodontosis, cavity susceptibility) and of the importance of each single tooth for the organism and its organs

In addition to the normal dental treatments special naturopathic treatments are applied

- Aurikular therapy = acupuncture of the ears
- Homeopathy
- Pytho- and aroma therapy
- Salt therapy
- Gemstone therapy
- Biophotons
- Photo therapy
- Energetic guidance

In connection with these nature healing methods in the most cases "infaust" teeth can be sustained.

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