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A new way of thinking is necessary if men want to survive

Albert Einstein

Holistic dental medicine at the Clinica Dental Cristal

According to the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Cell Biology each single part of an organism - each cell - is implying all informations in respect to health or disease of the whole organism (Holographic Principle). Each little particle becomes  influenced by the totality of the organism  - and the totality itself  is  affected by every single little particle - and is having an impact on the whole (entanglement!)

The holistic dental medicine is considering the human dental system to be an integral part of the individual universe.The organ of chewing is influenced by the total organism - and the whole organism itself again is influenced by the chewing organ.  Disturbances and diseases that are manifesting or have manifested  in the mouth and at the teeth always are indicating imbalances and disturbances of the whole human system.

Due to these perceptions the holistic dental medicine therefore is attempting  not only to treat and heal the dental problems with individual, positive and recuperating methods and materials (free of metal and amalgam) from the entire spectrum of naturopathy and energetic medicine, but also to bring into balance  in the whole human organism the implied negative and pathogenic informations, which have manifested in the teeth.

Therefore the holistic dental medicine enables healing processes in the entire body of the human being - not only in the area of the teeth. Iatrogenic (induced by means of treatment)  imbalances and disturbances thereby are  avoided to the greatest possible extend, that means already existing imbalances become balanced.

On the contrary to this knowledge the normal dental medicine is still applying  dangerous materials like Amalgam,  and with its methods and materials, which technically are possible and which become more and more complicated and expensive, it is concentrating only on the elimination of disturbances and diseases of the chewing organ, thus  completely ignoring that exactly these methods and materials do not only not change and eliminate or clear the deeper routed  problems but  very often can aggravate them iatrogenically. As, however, the deeper routed problems, which remain unattended, are recurring and manifesting more heavily in the realm of the teeth, in spite of the growing elaborated and costly methods. the  dental problems keep on returning more quickly. Thus the healing of existing imbalances and diseases at other sectors of the body henceforth is complicated in addition.

At first you are ignored, then they are laughing at you, then they are fighting you, and then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

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