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The teeth  - its importance for the organism.

A new point of view of a longstanding topic.

Healthy and energetically well sanified teeth  - having their position at the inner and outer interface - are of great and diverse importance for the organism of each human being.

1. Function

The teeth are providing the first mincing of  nourishment stimulating a good digestion as well as an optimal reutilization of the nutritional components. Existing disturbances in their function will soon result into indigestions and from this resulting into chronicle metabolic diseases

2. Psyche

In every language of the world there are many references in respect to the significance of healthy teeth for the physical well being. In order to be able "to bite yourself well through life" (German saying) or "to show someone your teeth" you are in need of healthy and fully functioning teeth and a harmonic esthetically attractive and amiable appearance which is mainly given distinction to by the color, the form and the  condition of the tooth sector. All modern psychological studies in respect to  this subject are proofing the explicit connection between self confidence and self esteem on one part and the sound and healthy and esthetically immaculate condition of teeth and  the gums on the other side. 

3. Energetic connections

Since more than 2500 years the direct connection between  single teeth and certain organs has been known by the acupuncturists of China. The modern research of acupuncture in Europe has approved this ancient knowledge, which enables to  nominated the energetic connections with each tooth. The most important knowledge tells us, that not only the organs can be related to single teeth but also psychic problems and disturbances  do find some analogy in certain tooth localizations the acupuncturists of China, for instance anxiety disorders or depressions.

This excising perception in respect to a new significance of the teeth is leading to a complete new conception of the energetic flow of the development of diseases and thus to the importance of which teeth are engaged  in.

"Every disturbance in the field of a tooth or of its gum at first creates a general energetic debilitation of the whole organism. If this disturbance continues for a longer period, the energetic situation as a whole becomes worse. In case a weak point is already excising in the organism - either organically or psychogenically - this is resulting into its further enervation, until at this location an illness is manifesting.  According  to the principle, that always the weakest link is braking first,  the disease does not seem to have some connection with the causative focus, that is to say with the tooth defected. Only if there is no obvious weak spot in the organism the effected  tooth will influence exactly the organic sequence it is related to."  (Dr. Bahr, Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur München).

Such  disturbances in the mouth are caries, periodontosis, cysts and inflammation of the bones as well as the existing of harmful materials (amalgam or palladium) or of different combinations of metals (especially amalgam and gold).

These profound insights of the energetic connections lead to consequences in the field of dental treatment.  It definitely is proofed that the energetic  balance of men - his organic and psychogenic balance of energy - is heavily influenced by irregulations and illnesses in connection with the teeth. Diseases which could be avoided are caused in the long term or at least are much favoured by all disturbances. Many ways of treatment and materials can be traced to be heavily disturbing; especially Amalgam owns a highly disturbing potential!!!


Up to now, the dental medicine, which mainly  is concentrating on treatments in respect to  aesthetics and functionality no more meets the most recent perceptions. In fact it is necessary to meet the  patient's  direct main concern which means avoidance or minimization of every energetic disturbance  of the teeth.

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